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Decking in Cairns

A deck can make for a stylistic extension to your home and can add value to your outdoor space. When choosing one though, there are a variety of options that you can go for. You could go for a deck built around existing trees to provide natural shade or even an elevated, free-standing deck. Generally, the chosen designs are those that lead directly out from the front door or rear living space. Aside from the different available styles, there are also different types of materials to choose from when constructing a deck.

More than the options available when choosing to have a deck, there are different advantages to have with it as well. From the durability to the added property value, there are different things to gain with decking.

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Options and Advantages with Decking

As stated, there are different types of options when it comes to the materials in constructing your choice of deck. These options include the following:

  • Ironbark
  • Blackbutt
  • Fijian mahogany
  • Spotted gum
  • Treated pine
  • Merbau

Each of the mentioned wood options is highly durable and long-lasting. Depending on the type of deck design and wood you would like though, you may either go for a softwood or hardwood deck. With a hardwood deck, you’ll have something extremely durable and not easily worn. Because of this, you’ll want to go for woods that are slow-growing, broad-leaved trees such as cherry and oak. 

While durable and weather resistant, hardwood decks are rather pricey in comparison to softwood decks. With softwood decks, you’ll have something that’s both cost-effective and adds visual appeal to your outdoor space. In terms of maintenance, it involves treating preservative chemicals and lasts longer as long as you regularly clean it and reseal it when necessary. For this type of deck, the woods include fast-growing trees such as pine and evergreens.  

There is plenty of creativity to be found when choosing how you would like your deck for your outside space. Given the versatility of the type of wood you could use, there are different hardness and durability levels to consider as well. A ‘Janka’ rating is used to determine the hardness of timber. Basically, it is a measure of the material’s resistance to wear and tear for decking purposes; the higher the number, the harder the timber.

Other than the variety of options for designing and building your deck, a well-constructed deck can increase the value of your property. It’s a small investment due to what materials will be used and what style will be built, but it will add visual enhancement to your outdoor space. In addition, it can add an extra space to enjoy on your property.

Why Choose Cairns Carpenters for your Decking

Whether you already have a plan or just a vague picture of what you want your deck to be like, we at Cairns Carpenters can cover what you need. Cairns Carpenters believe that decks are not just add-on spaces because they can create a lasting value for your property. Having years of experience in erecting decks, we have a variety of options for you to choose from and you can be assured of quality service.