Is it Possible to Paint Pressure-Treated Wood?

Do you have an outdoor deck, patio, stairs, or other structure built out of pressure-treated wood? If you do not like its green and brown wood surface caused by the pressure treatment, you might be wondering if you can transform and paint it.

To ease your worries, yes, you can paint pressure-treated wood. However, it might be best to note that the process can be a little more complex than painting wood that is not treated. Before you set your painting equipment, you have to keep in mind a couple of steps and things to ensure the project will be a success.

If you wish to skip all these and just wait for your decks to be transformed, at Cairns Carpenters, we can be the professional team to help you! With our years of proficiency in the industry and cutting-edge tools and materials, you can be assured that the painting job will be stunning and long-lasting.

Pressure-Treated Wood

What exactly is treated wood? Pressure-treated wood is the term used when the lumber has undergone a chemical preservative process. Wood is being pressure-treated to make it more resistant to rot, insect infestation, and fungus attack. It undergoes a process wherein it is submerged in chemicals and put under high pressure to ensure that all the substances will deeply seep through into the cellular structure of the wood. Finally, the treated lumbers are set on racks until they are dry.

What to Remember Before You Paint Treated Wood?

Even if you can definitely paint pressure-treated wood, it doesn’t mean that you can straight away do the paint job as soon as you purchase it. Most of the time, this type of wood is shipped while the liquid chemical preservatives are still fresh, making it heavy and damp. If you immediately proceed to the painting job as the wood arrives, chances are your primer or paint will just be rejected by the chemicals. If this happens, it will cause the primer or paint to bleed out of the wood.

To avoid this, let your pressure-treated lumber dry out slowly. Not all treated lumber dries at the same time, but in general, it naturally dries after two to three weeks. If you wish to check if your treated wood is ready to be painted, you can put a few drops of water on its surface. When the water penetrates the pores of the wood, then the wood is ready to be painted. On the other hand, if it just beads on the wood’s surface, it means you have to wait a bit more.

Guide on Painting Pressure-Treated Wood

Prepare the treated wood.

If you plan to paint pressure-treated wood outdoors, it may have dirt and grime on its surface. You have to remove all of it before proceeding with the painting job. To do this, get your hose with a nozzle, a stiff brush, and a bucket filled with a mixture of water and detergent. Scrub the surface generously and rinse it right after. After this process, make sure to wait for the treated wood to be dry before proceeding to the next step.

Prime it carefully.

Priming your pressure-treated wood is crucial. At Cairns Carpenters, we only use high-quality primer on treated lumbers to make sure that the finish coats of the paint will stick to the surface without peeling.

Paint your pressure-treated wood.

Our experts recommend using top-quality exterior latex paint for treated wood. With all the colors available out there, you can conveniently pick the one that will best match your preferred style. It is best to remember that you should use at least two finish coats over the primer. Besides that, make sure to follow the drying time specified by the manufacturer before doing the second coat. After that, just let it dry thoroughly.

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