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Pergolas in Cairns

Are you looking to add some extra shade to your outdoor space? Then a pergola may be what you need. Pergolas can come in different styles from a standard pitched roof to match your house or a flat roof for a simpler appearance. Depending on the type of style you want to go for, there are different materials that you can choose to make your pergolas with as well.

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Different Pergolas Options

As stated, there are different types and materials to choose from in making your pergola. Another advantage with pergolas is the type of roof sheetings that can be applied. You can for a roof sheet material that can be fitted to block any direct sun, or you can choose one of the many shades of polycarbonate roofing for something that allows different levels of light into your outdoor space. For designs, these are the different options that you can go for:

Traditional/Open Top: Mainly used to allow air circulation and sunlight exposure, this is one of the most common designs for a pergola. Usually made from wood, the design adds a stylish touch to your chosen outdoor space. 

Steel: If you want to go for something different but still have the classic design, a steel design would work best. It would have the same design as a traditional pergola but the main difference is that the structure is made of steel and has more durability than a regular pergola. 

Gabled: Having a triangular roof shape, this structure design allows efficient water runoff during rainy days rains as it slides down by gravity. Compared to other pergola designs, this is more simplistic and because of this, is quicker in construction. 

Pitched: In comparison to other pergolas that are mainly placed on an outdoor space, a pitched pergola is attached to a house with an incorporated angle. Not only will this help those with small spaces, but it also allows good water runoff. 

Sail: One of the more modern and sleek designs of the choices, it mainly features a sail stretched tightly to the columns or poles. Given that this design gives different colour options for the sail, this is one of the more popular choices for how it can give different creative looks. 

More than its different designs, a pergola makes for a useful structure. Being freestanding as it is, you can use it in an area of your garden that you wish to use for climbing plants or hanging pots. If you want to have a custom-built structure that will match your needs and budget, you will need to find a carpentry company that you can rely on.

Why Choose Cairns Carpenters To Build Your Pergola

We at Cairns Carpenters offers professional services to match your needs and budget for any constructing project. If you are ever unsure of what you may need for your space or what structure works best for you, you are free to consult us for any inquiries you may have. We can assure you that you will receive quality service with little to no hassle.