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When thinking of picket fencing, one of the things you would think of would be the phrase involving “white picket fence” which is usually made of wood. However, there is more variety to picket fencing than simple wood boundaries. Depending on the design of the property, there are a variety of picket styles that can be used. If you are looking for what would work best for your property, it would be good to consult with a professional service on what options you can go for.

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Process and Styles to Picket Fencing

Generally, picket fences are made from hardwood to ensure their longevity. This is because hardwood is free from knots which is a weak point in the timber and an access point for moisture. It also holds its shape over the long term better than pine. When you are picking what type of picket fence you would like for your property though, there are three main things that you have to consider.

There are two types of picket fencing you can go for, the basic or the feature. Basic Picket Fences typically have dressed cypress posts with the dimensions 120mm x 70mm. A feature picket fence has more variations in comparison and also has exposed posts. When it comes to the different styles of picket fence, some of the popular choices include the following:

  • Osbourne
  • Lonsdale
  • Carlton
  • Round
  • Windsor
  • Scalloped
  • 45 ̊ Point
  • 60 ̊ Point

Following your decision on the type of picket fence you would like to have, you will need to decide if you want your fence to be constructed level or follow the contour of the land. This will mainly depend on the lay of the land and the style you are going for. Lastly, you will need to confirm what height you would like your fence to be. In addition to the different styles and options for your picket fence, you can also have certain add ons if you wish like an attached mailbox or different cappings depending on what is available on your chosen service.

When choosing what service you would like to go for, you will need professionals that will not only have your fence a boundary for the property but also be something visually appealing. With the different options and choices available for your picket fence, you will need a group that will offer a range you can consider from. These are just some of the things that you can find when choosing to work with Cairns Carpenters.

Why Choose Cairns Carpenters

Cairns Carpenters offer picket fences that come in various styles, shaped heads, and cappings. With this, we can ensure that you can find the one that will suit the visual appeal and functionality you want to achieve. If you’d like to learn more about the customized picket fences that we offer, you can give a call or message to our friendly team and they can gladly provide you with a detailed quote. You can be assured that with our experience and professionals, you will find a reliable service.