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Timber Flooring in Cairns

When it comes to considering what flooring you would like for your spaces, there are a variety of choices. While timber flooring would not generally be the first choice, it is a popular choice for its warm and natural aesthetic. Whether you prefer a light, medium or dark shade, there are a number of options you can go for in terms of design. If you are thinking of having them installed in a chosen space, it would be best to consult with a professional builder to ensure what type of timber flooring you choose is the right fit.

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Process and Options for Timber Flooring

The general installation of tile flooring mainly depends on the type chosen and can be any of three options. These options would be secret nails, gluing, or the click system depending on the material chosen. Other than the timber material chosen, whether there is a subfloor to prepare, additional materials will need to be considered for a smooth installation. When it comes to the actual choosing of the timber floor you would like to go for, there are different things to consider. 

The main advantage of solid hardwood timber is that it is a much healthier flooring option as it is hypoallergenic and does not trap pollen, allergens or dust. Compared to other types of flooring, timber floor types have different grades and strengths. Grading is a process that categorises boards according to the number and size of features present in the material, e.g. gum veins and knots. Some of the types of grade include the following:

Select Grade: The top of the range and considered the most expensive due to having the least amount of features. You will usually find this type of timber used for more modern designs. 

Standard Grade: Slightly more affordable than select grade wood and having more variations in its vein, this type of timber wood makes for a popular flooring choice from the variations they display. 

High Feature Grade: Having a more rustic look compared to other grade types, this timber type presents more natural features and is more budget-friendly than the other grade types.

More than the grade types, there are different timber flooring choices that you can consider for different spaces. Some of the choices that you can go for and are available with services like Cairns Carpentry include the following:

– Australian Chestnut
– Sydney Blue Gum
– Blackbutt
– Tasmanian Oak
– Spotted Gum
– Tallowwood 
– Jarrah
– Brush Box

If knowing the advantages, process, and options to choose timber pace is not enough, timber flooring has a recyclable option as well. Aside from this, timber flooring has other advantages like having natural insulation components and versatility plus being easy to clean and maintain. 

Why Have Cairns Carpenters Install Your Timber Flooring

By choosing to work with Cairns Carpenters, you can be assured of a professional service with years of experience building and renovating residential and commercial spaces under our belt. We offer solid hardwood timber flooring in a myriad of different colours, grains, and finishes to choose from and can ensure a dependable installation. If you have questions or wish to consult our team on what timber following would work best for your chosen space, please contact us using our hotline or email so that we can discuss the options that we can offer you.