Tips on How to Make Your Smalll Kitchen Feel Larger

Do you want to maximise the space you have in your kitchen? A small kitchen is not the end of the world. There are lots of practical and easy ways to make your kitchen look bigger.

Not everyone has the money, space, and luxury to extend their kitchen. Especially if you’re living in a condominium or an apartment, your space will be limited. If you’re living alone or only have a small family, you don’t really need expensive or major renovations to improve your kitchen.

Here are some tips on how you can maximise your current kitchen space:

Use Light Palette Colours

When redesigning your small kitchen, limit your choices to light palette colours. The light colour will make your kitchen look more spacious and open.

Add More Storage

When designing a small kitchen, maximise the storage that you can use. With small kitchens, appliances, condiments, and other cooking materials are often crowded in countertops. This makes your small kitchen look crowded. You can use add-ons to make your cabinets more efficient.

If you opt for open storage, add organisers to make it look neat and clean.

Glass-Front Cabinet Doors

Replace your old solid cabinet doors with modern glass doors to add visual depth. This creates an illusion that your kitchen is more spacious than it actually is. If you’re considering glass panels, choose white or light woodwork for a more visual depth.

Let Natural Light In

A kitchen window will help natural light in and make your small kitchen appear larger. A view of the outdoors will make it seem that it’s the extension of your kitchen. Replace blinds with sheer curtains or valance.

Add Accent Lighting

Shadow makes a room appear smaller. The solution to this is to install accent lighting

beneath or above the cabinets. This will make your kitchen more open and appear bigger.

Opt for Light-Reflecting Materials

Decorative touches add personality to your kitchen. If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, choose accessories or materials that reflect light. In short, choose metallics.

Anything that reflects light like mirrors or metallic accessories, will make the space bigger and open.


The easiest way to make a small kitchen less cramped is by decluttering. Having fewer items in your kitchen will make it more organised and functional.

If you’ve been keeping your old microwave and stuff in the cabinets, you’ll run out of space soon.


By following our tips, you can easily improve the look of your kitchen. The ways we listed are practical and easy. You can even do most of it by yourself. However, we recommend hiring a professional to guarantee that you’re going to get your dream kitchen! Doing some renovations by yourself can cost you more in the long run and delay your project.

At Cairns Carpenters, we specialise in kitchen renovations. Our team is highly trained and experienced. We guarantee that your kitchen renovation project will go smoothly and stress-free with us! No matter how small or big the project is, we ensure that your plans will be heard.

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